Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I've been quiet on here for the last little while. It was a busy end of year 2015 and that took my focus off my writing for a bit. I'm getting back into my two short stories I've been trying to finish and will hopefully have them all finished in the next month or two. Everything takes longer than I usually.

The first of the two sorts is basically done. It's the second that needs another big pass of editing to polish it up.

I worked on three big projects at work in 2015. Mocking Jay part 2, Disney Playmation, and the 5th wave. I learned a lot on all three and still feel incredibly fortunate that my job is to create fantastic images that tell stories on the big screen (Or small screen in the case of Playmation). But we approach advertising weather its on the web or TV with the same passion we do with our film work.

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