About me

I can drive a pencil on paper pretty well, write stories, and I help make movies.  I'm very fortunate to have a great job as a cg supervisor at The Embassy VFX.  Some of the more notable work we've done is the Mark1 suit in Iron Man, the black mech suit in District 9, the flyers in Cowboys and Aliens, and the shredder balls in Battleship, and some stuff in MockingJay.

I work with a very talented team of artists at The Embassy modelling, texturing, animating, and rendering these amazing film sequences.  We plug away at this work on computers, working anywhere from six weeks on a commercial to between six to ten months on films.

At home I've been working on my drawing and writing.  I don't really feel like putting even more hours into my own work using the same tools we have at the office.  I just want to pick up a pencil and have immediate feedback.

I live on Bowen Island, a short twenty minute ferry from Vancouver.  So every day I have 40 minutes sitting on a boat as part of my commute.  Just long enough to sketch an idea or write a scene.

In my previous life before getting into film visual effects and writing I used to jump out of airplanes at night, armed to the teeth, ready to blow stuff up. Seems just like yesterday.

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