Monday, June 1, 2015

Spikes in the graph

Spikes in the graph, one of the most exciting things a self published author can see.

Since February I've been a self published author. I have one book up on Amazon as both a kindle ebook and paperback. Once every day or couple of days I check the sales report and see what kind of activity the book has had. Amazon graphs the latest days of activity and you get these spiky colored lines reporting how many books sold.

Cindercast: A Tale of Tides hasn't sold much and I don't expect it to, not yet. I really need to get a few more works out there so they can be discovered independently and then cross promote as people look to see what else I may have written. So the graph is usually a pretty flat line.

But every now and again it spikes. A fan is born. Or at least I hope a fan is born. From the reviews on Amazon it seems like it's being pretty well received. It's just such a cool thing to know another person is out there reading your words, sharing in the vision you created.

Today there was another spike. Thank you mystery reader, I hope you enjoy it.

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