Sunday, May 31, 2015

Url and Backgrounds - Indie Yellow

Wow google can be annoying.

I was trying to add as a top level domain for this blog and the've changed their products in annoying ways in the last two years since I setup

So after having to register at another company trying setting up redirect stuff we'll see if it works (It will take a day or two for to creep across all the DNS servers).

Now that I've hopefully parked this blog on a domain that is my name I can get down to putting some paint on the walls. For now I've assigned this intense yellow image. It was the least bad of all the choices blogger provides. It's also the color of all indie movie posters:

 So It's probably a good choice as a placeholder for an artist and indie author.

Stay tuned for updates. I'm 10,000 words into a sci-fi short story about the rise of an AI super intelligence and how it will effect the people about to create it.

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